This module will cover adjustments you can make from Command Central if you didn’t get the best hold on his arm upon entry or in Command Central.

Remember in Command Central, there are 5 key checkpoints:

  1.  Posture is broken
  2.  You’re in a strong, stable base
  3. You have his elbow bent in an “L” shape
  4.  His elbow is pinned to your chest, and
  5.  The relationship of the wrist, back, armpit and elbow makes a “rectangle” shape.

Let’s assume you’ve covered all of these checkpoints, but your grip on his tricep muscle is shallow, and therefore not optimal.

Using the thumb and index finger of your free hand, secure his wrist without moving it. That will give you the time to adjust your Hook Grip and make it stronger.

Another thing you can do is the “Cradle” technique. Take your free hand and slide it across your forearm, grabbing your other elbow. It’s just like cradling a baby, but in this case, it’s your threat’s forearm. The Cradle technique gives you a lot of leverage to control your opponent and hold him down.