In this module, you will learn some of the most common ways your threat will try to escape you if you have engaged in one of our 5 modes of entry.

He can attempt to escape by pulling his arm straight out, or by trying to spin out of your hold.

Pulling the Arm Straight Out

If you feel him trying to pull his arm out of the hold, then immediately raise your elbow toward the ceiling, like a chicken wing move.

When his arm is bent, it manipulates his shoulder. When you raise your elbow and straighten out his arm, it manipulates the elbow joint.

You can add additional pressure on the elbow joint by applying an Overlap Grip. If you push down from the Overlap Grip, then it’s a bad day for his elbow joint.

Spinning Out of the Hold

Another way your threat can try to escape is to spin out of the hold.

The instant you feel him trying to spin out of your hold, we will apply a move called “The Human Shield”.

You will roll his elbow behind him into an “L” shape and pin it to your chest. This will zip up his shoulder super tight.

Depending on his height, take your other arm and wrap it around his neck or chest. Hold him close, and you’re in control. You can walk with him or move with him, but his Shoulder and elbow are locked up.

If he is still getting squirrely with you, then you can lean forward and it adds stress.

Make sure to keep your head low to avoid getting a Head-Butt.