In this module, we will cover a couple of ways that your threat can resist you and fight back.

Let’s assume you were able to break your threat’s posture and get them into Command Central. In the heat of the battle, they find some way to muscle-up and regain their posture.

Ater muscling-up, your threat has now regained their posture and Command Central is broken. Here’s one thing you can do.

Apply the “C-Clamp” grip to his neck and roll your shoulder inward to keep his elbow pinned against your chest.

If he tries to come around you, then you can use the “C-Clamp” and the “Dog Chasing Tail” maneuver circling counterclockwise to keep his free hand from engaging you. You can also use Flashbangs to try to break his posture and get back into Command Central.

If he manages to square around and face you, then rotate your hand from the “C-Clamp” to the “Waiters Tray” position. Curl your fingers and drive straight up with the heel of the palm of your hand toward the ceiling.