If you are in close quarters with a potential conflict, and you want to distract your threat and escape, then the Palm Strike of “Bear Claw”, can be an effective strike.

The goal behind the Palm Strike is to temporarily disorient your threat by landing an open-handed strike to the ear, temple or orbital area. This strike can be accomplished with an open or cupped palm.

As with other strikes, you start from the basic fight stance.

The goal is now to create a distraction. For example, you could look to his right and say, “Hey, who are you?” When he looks in that direction, you land the strike.

The Palm Strike begins with extending your right arm (if you’re a rightie) straight out to your side, and rotating your body to deliver the blow with maximum power. Again, the target area should be around the ear.

Deliver the strike to the ear. If landed properly, the strike can cause pain, disorientation, and ringing in the ears. A cupped hand strike can even rupture an eardrum. Return to your basic fight stance, assess the situation, and escape the threat, if possible.