In this module, you will learn a few tips, tricks and drills that you can use to enhance your skills in this program.

So, let’s get started.

The Scarecrow Drill

As your opponent to hold his arms out and down like a scarecrow. Using your right hand, grab his wrist.

Next, release the grip and rotate your palm down so that the backs of your hands are touching.

Slide your hand up the inside of his forearm without losing contact.

Hook Grip the tricep muscle.

The Swim or Pummel Drill

This drill uses a “swimming” motion if your opponent tries to wiggle out of a hold, and will allow you to regain control.

To start, you have a Hook Grip on your opponent’s arm.

He turns is elbow and starts to pull away from the hold.

“Swim” your hand inside his arm without losing contact.

Re-apply the Hook Grip and establish control.

The Shuck Drill

Your opponent’s arm is on your shoulder in this situation.

Hook his arm and trap his wrist against your neck.

Pull him down to your left. His natural reaction will be to resist.

Once you feel resistance, drive back to your right, pulling his arm off your neck and bring it down to a level where you can assume Command Control

The Windshield Wiper Drill.

In this drill, your opponent is pointing his finger in your face. Your hands are up to protect your face.

Grab his wrist, and use a “windshield wiper” motion to drive his arm down toward the floor.

Practicing these drills with a partner will enhance your skill set in this program.