In the previous module, we discussed Modes of Entry, with the goal of ultimately achieving Command Control.

In this module, we will cover Strikes and “Flashbangs”. Strikes are an excellent tool to have for self-defense. The goal, however, is not to knock out your opponent.

In the Tactical Program, we use striking for two reasons:

  1. To distract the threat, or
  2. Or to create an opportunity for yourself

Here’s what we’re talking about.

Let’s assume you have your threat in an Overlap Grip, but he’s fighting you.

The goal is to break his posture so that you can gain control and get to Command Central.

And that’s where Strikes and flashbangs come in handy. Here are a few ways to accomplish this.

The Hammer Punch

Use your overlap hand to strike your threat in the face. That may stun him and cause him to bend over, thereby breaking his posture, where he can pull me down into Command Central..

Throw a Knee

You can drive your knee into the groin or abdomen and break posture as well.

Using the Jab

If you’re facing your threat with your hands up protecting your face, a jab to the point of the chin will drive your threat’s head backward. This may buy you enough time to escape the situation.

We don’t use striking to solve the problem. If we use striking to create opportunities and distract our opponent, then we are strategically and tactically using our strikes to our advantage.

That gives you the best chance of survival in self-defense.