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Five Critical Skills Every Gun Owner Must Know

Lesson 4:

How to Point and Acquire Your Sights

The first thing you need to know about pointing and acquiring your sights is determining which one of your eyes is the dominant eye.

Make a small “diamond” with both hands and look through it focusing on a small object, like a light switch.

If you close your left eye and you can still see the object, then you are right eye dominant. Conversely, if you close your right eye and can still see the object, then you’re left eye dominant.

When acquiring sights, your handgun has a rear sight and a forward sight. There’s a good rule-of-thumb saying called “Equal Height and Equal Light”. When you look down the gun through the back, you should see equal light between the sights, and if you drew a line across the top, the sights would line up.

For further shots you want to focus on the front sight. For closer range shots, it’s pretty much point-and-shoot.

The next thing you want to do is line your dominant eye up with the sights. Bring the gun up to your dominant eye, check for equal height and equal light and your good to go.

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