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Five Critical Skills Every Gun Owner Must Know
Lesson 1:

Basic Handgun Terminology/Verbiage

In this lesson, I will demonstrate all of the key features of a tactical handgun. For the purpose of this demonstration I will point out the features of my Sig Sauer P226 Legion SAO handgun.

Now, let’s look at this weapon in full detail:

  1. Front Sight – Align this with the rear sight for aiming the weapon.
  2. Ejection Port – This is where the shell casing is released after the weapon is fired.
  3. Slide – Every time you fire the weapon, the slide moves back and chambers
    another round.

  4. Rear Sight – Align this with the front sight for aiming the weapon.
  5. Hammer – Not all semi-automatics have a hammer, but when it is used it engages the firing pin, which fires the weapon.

  6. Safety – The Safety is engaged when the switch is in the “Up” position, and disengaged when it’s in the “Down” position.
  7. Beaver Tail – Also known as the “Spine” or the “Tang”. You want to hold your hand as high under that as possible.
  8. Magazine Well – Located inside the grip securely holds the ammunition magazine.
  9. Magazine Release Button –  When you push this button, the ammunition magazine is discharged from the weapon.
  10. Slide Lock – Locks the slide to the rear when the gun is out of ammunition, or if you want to perform a safety check.
  11. Trigger – Pull the trigger to fire a round.
  12. Trigger Guard – As the name suggests, this design feature guards the trigger.
  13. Takedown Lever – This lever breaks the gun apart for inspection and cleaning.
  14. Tactical Rail – This is a grooved rail that can accept accessory devices, like weapon lights.
  15. Barrel – The bullet travels through the gun barrel when fired.
  16. Frame – The whole piece that includes the gun barrel and grip is called the frame.

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